Baptism: A New Direction

I find this more than slightly encouraging. I believe you will to. Greetings from Uganda! Back here we are all doing well. Roger and I had safe travels and successful meetings over the Easter weekend with Leaders from the different places of work in Northeast Uganda over the issue of baptism. Leaders from Mbale, Kweni, Sironko, Bulambuli, … [Read more...]

Baptism: An Essential Change

Sometimes you must make a U-turn. Very seldom do you want to make this change in direction, but if you want to reach your destination, you know you must. IMFC is having to make a U-turn with the way we do baptisms. Now what we are doing is working if you only consider numbers and not future vision. In 2013, we baptized about 1300; in 2014, we … [Read more...]

Opening the Work in Soroti

They had never seen a baptism where you went into “deep water” and lowered the person beneath the surface of the water, but they were willing to go. Were they afraid? Yes, but twenty people lined up and one by one and waded fearfully into the crystal blue waters of the Awoja River outside Soroti. Why? They had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and … [Read more...]

How Charles Came To Be “Charles”

Back from Uganda. Rested. Full of stories. Thanks for your prayers and support. June was a really good month. I got to do what I enjoy most, being in Uganda with Pam working with the IMFC team and volunteers from the US. And the Lord blessed. In the first three weeks while volunteers were with us, 1,746 people who heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ … [Read more...]

626! In Only “8” Months!

2012 has been remarkable. This year, we had a goal of baptizing 500. Far more than we had last year or the year before or the year before. The number of people being baptized has been growing each and every year from our inception. I remember when we broke 100 in a single year, we were amazed. So to have a goal of 500 was a stretch. Remember, we … [Read more...]

What A Way To End 2011!

Dear Muzee Jimmy, This year has been an amazing year for us, the entire Kampala, Uganda, IMFC family! We even closed the year with a super baptism. We did have 27 to get baptized! Its always a blessing to baptize after saturating these slums we work in with evangelism. Baptism is a very public witness of belonging to Jesus Christ. Munyonyo on … [Read more...]

Musa’s Story

Elections are finally over! And work is back as normal. I have a lot to share with you over the next couple of weeks, some personal, but here is the story of Musa as told by Vincent. A Muslim who is now a follower of Jesus Christ. I was translating for Rodney, a volunteer from Alabama, in January 2011. We went to a slum in Kimombasa and as … [Read more...]

The Perfect Ending! Or, Is It Just The Beginning?

I love baptism services. Especially those at Lake Victoria just outside Kampala, Uganda. On Sunday, January 23, 2011, we had the privilege of seeing 40 people walk out into the waters of Lake Victoria and be baptized. Of the 40, 23 had come to faith in Jesus Christ that week as the volunteers from the US and the IMFC staff worked together … [Read more...]