Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

December 1! Christmas is just a blink of the eye away, 2016 is almost history and 2017 is taking center stage in planning. I want to thank you for your financial gifts and prayers this year. Here's a snapshot of what has happened: The work with Manna Ministry doubled in the slums of Kampala and has reached beyond the slums of Kampala to the … [Read more...]

You Could Do This In 2017

Just a quick note to thank you for your prayers and support this summer during June and July. Four volunteer teams from three different states in the US, Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico, came to work with us. They arrived in Uganda safely, worked without any unforeseen negative incidences and returned home with no complication. God blessed and we … [Read more...]

They Ran With The Message

Who they were I don’t know. I don’t know their names, occupations or backgrounds. All I know is that they were followers of Jesus who were persecuted and suffering for their faith in him and were religious refugees. I know they had no money, no jobs, no supporting agencies, no Bibles, no discipleship books, no choirs, no Sunday School, no religious … [Read more...]

When I Was In Prison… You Visited Me

10 years ago when IMFC began, operating a prison ministry wasn’t even a consideration. We didn’t see it; we didn’t desire it. Isn’t it amazing the things that are right in front of our faces but we never see! Today, 10 years later, we see it and are astonished by it. Thousands of lives have been impacted through the prison ministry, and the … [Read more...]

Celebrating 10 Year of IMFC and Manna Ministry in Kampala

This was never our plan. Our plan was simple. Start a work in Kampala with our missionary partners, find supporting churches that would build a relationship with the missionaries to continue the work, and then move on to work with someone else. But here we are ten years later, still in Kampala, still operating Manna Ministry, and doing a whole lot … [Read more...]

The Prodigal Son Returns

His dad sat before us and shared how he had been worried about his son, his first born son who had left home to live in Lira then Kampala. He was concerned that he had fallen in with the wrong crowd and was in a bad way. Now, he was excited to have him home and to meet the people that Ben had said helped him. Being a Father myself, I could relate … [Read more...]

Opening the Work in Soroti

They had never seen a baptism where you went into “deep water” and lowered the person beneath the surface of the water, but they were willing to go. Were they afraid? Yes, but twenty people lined up and one by one and waded fearfully into the crystal blue waters of the Awoja River outside Soroti. Why? They had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and … [Read more...]

Future Leaders in Uganda Hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

This is the Uganda Prison Training School (PTS) in Luzira Prison. Men and women are brought here from every district across Uganda to be trained to work in the prison system. Some are being trained as Junior Officers, others are being trained to be Senior Officers. Each would probably have aspirations and dreams of one day becoming the OC … [Read more...]