They showed up, God blessed

The first group from the US has come and gone. The result, 1129 prayed to receive Christ as their Lord. This group from Immanuel Baptist in Benton, Illinois, came well prepared and ready for work. They loved the people and gave themselves daily to the task of sharing the Gospel, and God blessed. We teach the groups that come that if you show up, … [Read more...]

Bible Way, 50 Years Old!

Give honor to whom honor is due (Romans 13:7). I’m not very creative and I have very few original thoughts, but, contrary to what some believe, I am smart. I know how to take what someone has created, study it, understand it, adapt it to my situation, then apply and use it. This is exactly what we have done with the Bible Way materials in Uganda … [Read more...]

Kenya In Focus

Kenya, Now In Focus For Bible Way! Missionary movements spread through the efforts of ordinary people. The rapid spread of the gospel requires the efforts of non-professionals who are not dependent on external funding and are not strictly controlled. Converts immediately begin sharing their faith and making disciples. Key leaders model … [Read more...]

Simple Truths – Changed Lives

15,833 people from across Uganda have successfully completed the first book of Bible Way, Who Is Jesus, from January 1 through June 30 of 2014!! This is over 2,000 more people in the first six months of 2014 than in the whole of 2012. And the number keeps growing. Where do these people come from? 4,469 of these people are living in … [Read more...]

Susan, A True Success Story

Where Were You Five Years Ago? What was your life like? Do you remember? Susan does. Five years ago she was living in the slum Naguru in Kampala, Uganda with her family. She was unable to continue her schooling. She had little hope. Today, Susan is a graduate of University and has a job in an upscale restaurant in Acacia Mall, the first fully … [Read more...]

The People Behind The Numbers

You often hear numbers from me. Numbers of people baptized. Numbers of people enrolling and completing the first book of Bible Way, Who Is Jesus. Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. And there will be more numbers in the future, but the numbers have faces. They have souls. Eternal souls. I returned home from Uganda a couple of weeks ago and what remains … [Read more...]

Where Is A Policeman When You Need One?

Sometimes it pays to know a policeman! Even in Kampala, Uganda! Without Emanuel, a policeman in Kampala, Uganda, working beside us with his badge, we would have had our taxis impounded and been stranded in the slum. Here’s the story. A law was passed in Uganda in late Spring that required all Taxis owners to pay a new tax to the government. The … [Read more...]

The Door To 2,000,000 People

I get many request for help, but this one has really caused me to stop, think, pray and now share with you. My life before I came to Christ was not pleasing to God, my relatives, friends and my neighbors. I liked attending church services just to hear the gospel songs. One Sunday a pastor preached from the book of Revelation 21:27 which says … [Read more...]