Reaching Sudan From Arua

IMFC has opened offices in Arua and Buseta and the work is advancing quickly. Arua is in the Northwest corner of Uganda on the border of Congo and Sudan. Buseta is in the east near Kenya. Two weeks ago Deo and Vincent went to Arua while Benon and James went to Buseta to follow up and train the people. Here is Deo's report on what happened in Arua. … [Read more...]

IMFC Opens Office In Arua

IMFC Expands IMFC has its first office outside Kampala! Two weeks ago Deo, Benon and James traveled to Arua to rent an office, equip it and firm up our contract with two young men, Amos and Alfred, to lead IMFC’s work in Church Planting and grading Bible Way books. We selected Arua for expansion last November due to its location. Currently, we … [Read more...]

Beyond Kampala: The Road To Buseta

At IMFC our vision has expanded. Kampala is the hub. It is the center of our work. Our team lives here. Manna Ministry happens in the slums here, but we are focused on getting the gospel to all Uganda and to the surrounding countries: DRCongo, Kenya, Southern Sudan. We know that we can reach to these areas from Kampala. And the journey has already … [Read more...]

Peacekeepers Bring True Peace

Universe is a soldier in the Ugandan Military taking part in the African Union Peace Keeping Force currently in Somalia. He went to Somalia not only with a rifle, but with 200 Who Is Jesus books from Bible Way and the gospel of Jesus Christ! Universe came to faith in Jesus Christ while in prison in Nakasongola. Read his story here. He enrolled … [Read more...]

Robina’s Story

I hate the long flights from here to Kampala, Uganda! And the more I make these flights and the older I get, the more I hate it! But it worth it’s and I will gladly do it many times a year. Here’s why. Hello Muzee. I hope is all is well. Here is an update. We did have a successful food distribution in Bwaise 3 zone of Kampala, Uganda on … [Read more...]

Rebecca-Beautiful Outside And Inside!

Rebecca, what a story of God’s grace! Abused by a man at a young age. As a result she became pregnant and gave birth to a child. Her parents sent her from there home to live with the man that abused her. He refused to take care of her and the child. That’s where Manna Ministry came in. Now is receiving food. She is saved, baptized, enrolled in … [Read more...]

Universe, A Soldier For Jesus Christ

Universe, a soldier in the Ugandan Army, came to Christ while a prisoner in Nakasongola Prison through his studies in the Bible Way material. You can read his story here. God so changed Universe’s life that upon leaving Prison he wanted his wife and fellow soldiers to be able to have these materials as well. His labor is a labor of love for the … [Read more...]

Joseph Tells Kennedy’s Story From Nakasongola Prison

Joseph leads the IMFC team in Kampala. He handles all the IMFC business needs in Uganda and personally directs the Prison Ministry. Hello Jimmy. This is Kennedy’s story of how he came to know the Lord. Kennedy is an inmate in Nakasongola Prison. "My name is Kennedy Kaunda Chris. I'm 28 years old. I was born in a non-christian family … [Read more...]