Freeing Prisoners

Some of you have been asking me, “Are you still working in the prisons?” Absolutely! We are actively engaging 10 prisons across Uganda and at least 10 more are open to or seeking Bible Way to come to them. This week Deo is visiting the prisons in Soroti and Kibuku. Francis will be visiting Luzira and Kasangati Prison. Benon and Francis are … [Read more...]

IMFC Sets Up Office In Eastern Uganda

Buseta is located about 5 hours east of Kampala near the Kenyan border. Since January we have been training men from this area in church planting and challenging them to reach their area for Christ. Today, there are 105 groups, like the one pictured here, that meet throughout this area with over 1500 people gathering to study the scriptures using … [Read more...]

Beyond Kampala: The Road To Buseta

At IMFC our vision has expanded. Kampala is the hub. It is the center of our work. Our team lives here. Manna Ministry happens in the slums here, but we are focused on getting the gospel to all Uganda and to the surrounding countries: DRCongo, Kenya, Southern Sudan. We know that we can reach to these areas from Kampala. And the journey has already … [Read more...]