Harriet: A Victim of Abuse And AIDS. Loved By God

Harriet has AIDS, lives in flood prone Natete in Kampala, Uganda, is receiving food and help from Manna Ministry and is very, very sick. I ask you to pray for her. Harriet lives in the wettest area of Natete. Last week her house flooded with over two feet of water as Kampala experienced a hard rain. I was with the volunteer team in Kampala … [Read more...]

Natete: Celebrating the Past, Looking to the Future

Many people from the western world say that if you want to hide knowledge from an African keep it in the script of a book. But our people here in Natete are now digging deep into the word of God. The results, the witchdoctors have no stake into their lives any more! People have changed lives now. It was amazing to see people just go on the … [Read more...]

Naguru Act 2 Begins

Friday morning 50 new families will enter the Manna Program and begin to receive food for the next six months. Naguru is such a large slum that we divided it into two sections. This is the beginning of Naguru Act 2. Over the past six months many families in Naguru were helped spiritually, physically, financially through Manna ministry. Many of … [Read more...]

Nateete, One Bad Slum!

Beginning February 2010, IMFC will begin work in the slum Nateete through Manna Ministry. Disease, poverty, witchcraft and constant flooding make this area extremely destitute. Pray for the people of Nateete and the IMFC staff. Nateete, One Bad Slum! from Jimmy Barry on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

The Opportunity In Mulago

When I was in Kampala last month with a team of volunteers, we spent a few days in the slum, Mulago. The needs here are the same as in every slum we have worked in, great and many! Take a look at this short video to hear of the needs and of the opportunities that are before IMFC in Mulago. httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDV8sGGBY28 In … [Read more...]

Celebrating Christ With The House Church In Katanga

We left Equatorial College at about 5:30 and hurried off to Katanga to be part of a house church meeting. Traffic wasn’t too bad in Kampala, especially for a Friday afternoon. We arrived in Katanga just past 6:00pm. The house church was not to hard to find. The singing and clapping and could be heard for quite some distance. Katanga is one of … [Read more...]

A Great Beginning!

As we had planed and even sent word out that on the 13th February, we would be doing food distribution in Katanga and we are I am happy to tell you that it was awesome! We had 9 people pray to receive Jesus as lord and savoir. Praise be to Jesus!! And we did distribute food to the 50 families that we registered here in. The LCs were very cool with … [Read more...]