Sudanese Refugees Face Hard Life in Arua

When I was introduced to this family from South Sudan in January, they had no food to eat, no water to drink or bathe in, no charcoal to cook with, no medical care, no money, no amazing future to look to, no jobs and no real opportunity to ever have a job seeing they are refugees in a country where there are very few jobs for the native Ugandans. … [Read more...]

20 Schools…2,500+ Students…And Growing!

The growth in the High School Ministry in Kampala is beyond our dreams. In fact, IMFC NEVER planned to have a ministry in the public High Schools of Kampala, Uganda. But God had plans. Plans we did not know about. But plans that He has brought to life. The High School Ministry begin last fall, 2008. By the end of 2008, eight high schools had … [Read more...]