Opening the Work in Soroti

They had never seen a baptism where you went into “deep water” and lowered the person beneath the surface of the water, but they were willing to go. Were they afraid? Yes, but twenty people lined up and one by one and waded fearfully into the crystal blue waters of the Awoja River outside Soroti. Why? They had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and … [Read more...]

They showed up, God blessed

The first group from the US has come and gone. The result, 1129 prayed to receive Christ as their Lord. This group from Immanuel Baptist in Benton, Illinois, came well prepared and ready for work. They loved the people and gave themselves daily to the task of sharing the Gospel, and God blessed. We teach the groups that come that if you show up, … [Read more...]

Simple Truths – Changed Lives

15,833 people from across Uganda have successfully completed the first book of Bible Way, Who Is Jesus, from January 1 through June 30 of 2014!! This is over 2,000 more people in the first six months of 2014 than in the whole of 2012. And the number keeps growing. Where do these people come from? 4,469 of these people are living in … [Read more...]

How Charles Came To Be “Charles”

Back from Uganda. Rested. Full of stories. Thanks for your prayers and support. June was a really good month. I got to do what I enjoy most, being in Uganda with Pam working with the IMFC team and volunteers from the US. And the Lord blessed. In the first three weeks while volunteers were with us, 1,746 people who heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ … [Read more...]

I Love Volunteers!

Many volunteers come to work alongside us in Uganda. Here is a video that one volunteer, Billy, from Atlanta, Georgia made of his trip to Uganda this February, 2014. I love it! Hey, Billy, great job in Uganda and a great job on the video! IMFC Uganda Mission Trip 2014 from Billy Madden on Vimeo. Maybe you should come to Uganda to work with … [Read more...]

Looking Forward Into 2014!

New Year. Same God. Same Job. Same Message. Bigger Dreams. One old man who got baptized told us how he has completely stopped smoking and drinking alcohol. He burned a hip of tobacco he had stored. He is now preaching to his fellow men. Some of the boys who got baptized recently testified to us how they have been thieves, drunkards, smokers, … [Read more...]

Michael NOW Knows God. Do You?

Some people know about God. Some know God. When I was a young man, I knew about God in my mind. I believed he existed. I believed he loved me. I prayed to him, but I did not know him. My heart was far from him. I lived for me. But one day, I came to know God in my heart through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was more than simply … [Read more...]

Sharing Christ In The Marketplace

We had an amazing time on the Uganda, Congo border in February. There is a very real hunger among the people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The people know religion. Religious symbols are every where, but they do not know Jesus Christ personally. They are much like Nicodemus in John 3. Religious. Searching. But without a real relationship with … [Read more...]