Hanging Out With Deo For A Day

Had the opportunity today to hang out with Deo. I first meet Deo in the summer of 2004. He was one of our translators and is the only person I have meet who could pray perfect King James English! Deo had just married Irene and was talking to us about having twins. The twins never came, but the Lord did bless him and Irene with two beautiful … [Read more...]

Thanks From Church Planter & Project Supervisor, Gomar, DRC

We thank first the donors for their contribution to this ministry to rebels through what many souls were saved and won to the Lord Jesus Christ. We say again, God bless you. In our mission, we were focusing our ministry to rebels. Now, rebels are mixing with the army. We wish this program to continue. It is making a great contribution because to … [Read more...]

429 Soldiers Profess Faith In Jesus Christ!

Ministry to Rebel Soldiers Report Just received a “great” report from the work in Goma, DRC. Here are a few highlights. Thanks for your prayers and gifts. In March, 92 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ; 5 were baptized and 11 small groups were started. This means that from January through March, 429 people made a profession of faith in … [Read more...]