Confessions of a Witch Doctor

Wherever you go in Kampala, you find witch doctors. Their homes can easily be located in every slum we work in. These witch doctors (traditional healers) range from simply being an aggravation to being extremely evil. I posted a story from the Telegraph last week that looks at the rise in child sacrifices by witch doctors. Witch doctors … [Read more...]

Thanks From Christine Chandiro: In Her Own Words

I have never seen such an organization like this one. You came into our community in a simple way. You did not advertise your coming into this place or even what you are doing here. It seems you wanted your work amongst us to do the speaking! I have personally experienced the blessedness of your work here in Biina zone. You have visited our … [Read more...]

Easter Greetings From Kampala

As we exhaust the six months program period in this location, we are already hearing from the beneficiaries of how Manna has changed their lives. Here is a word of testimony and happy Easter wishes from these precious people here in Katanga. –Douglas Here is Nasamba Florence, a 29-year-old mother of 4 children. Happy Easter! Happy Easter! … [Read more...]

The Kampala “4” Step Strategy to Church Planting

Here is the latest from Kampala. Manna is serving two areas Kawepe and Kifumbira. Work in these two areas begin the first two weeks in February while I was there with a mission team from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alexandria, Alabama. Since then one Church has been started in Kawepe with sixty-five adults in attendance last week. In Kifumbira, one … [Read more...]

See Manna Ministry At Work In Kampala, Uganda

httpv:// are very grateful for the great commission partners the Lord sends to us: people and organizations who have the same desire and vision as IMFC. Melody Warford of Global Outreach International is one of these great commission partners. Melody was in Kampala in the summer of 2007 and asked permission to … [Read more...]