Packing Manna Bags

Every month 4,500 kilograms or almost 10,000 pounds of beans, rice and posho are bought, packaged and distributed to people living in the slums of Kampala. Here is a short video I shot in February as volunteers from the US joined the IMFC staff in Kampala to bag the food to give out the next day. It took just over an hour to bag these 50 … [Read more...]

How A Simple Bag of Food Can Change A Life Forever!

How much difference can a bag of food make to a person? A family? Huge! Life Changing even. Check this out. Douglas sent me the story of James Kato. It has inspired me to tell more people about the work of IMFC and Manna Ministry in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. It has motivated me to raise more money to buy more food. Before this work, I never … [Read more...]

Naguru Slum, House Churches and Food for the Poor

I received this update from Douglas on the first food distribution for the next six months in Naguru. Naguru is a large slum that sits in valley overlooked by the wealthy. Huge home dot the hillsides that surround this slum. It is truly a picture of the have and have-nots. The picture above overlooks the slum. Because of its size we decided to … [Read more...]

Naguru Act 2 Begins

Friday morning 50 new families will enter the Manna Program and begin to receive food for the next six months. Naguru is such a large slum that we divided it into two sections. This is the beginning of Naguru Act 2. Over the past six months many families in Naguru were helped spiritually, physically, financially through Manna ministry. Many of … [Read more...]

Underway At Nateete

The first food distribution went very well. No rain. No flooding. This is truly a blessing because it has been raining since and the entire place has been under. We could have never given out the food under these circumstances. So, we pray the Lord give good weather next month as well. Three churches have also been started in Nateete. Two were … [Read more...]

Nateete, One Bad Slum!

Beginning February 2010, IMFC will begin work in the slum Nateete through Manna Ministry. Disease, poverty, witchcraft and constant flooding make this area extremely destitute. Pray for the people of Nateete and the IMFC staff. Nateete, One Bad Slum! from Jimmy Barry on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

A Pre-Thanksgiving Letter

Three years ago IMFC worked in Natete. Last month Douglas revisited the area to see how some of the former Manna recipients are doing as we are planning on returning to Natete in February 2010. Here is a report that he sent me. I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. It has certainly put me in the Thanksgiving mood. I believe it will do … [Read more...]

Food Is Everywhere! But Hunger And Malnutrition Abound!

Come and take a walk with Deo and me through Naguru market. Food is everywhere! But so is malnutrition and hunger. Why? People have little money to buy the food. Many do well to get one meal a day. Many go without for days. I will never forget one lady who told me her goal for each day was to get one good meal a day. If she received a meal, … [Read more...]