My Story

Over the past five years of working in Uganda and DR Congo, I have read hundreds of stories of people whose lives God has gloriously changed. Many of these stories I have posted to the IMFC blog for you to read, enjoy and celebrate. But there’s one story I’ve not posted. My story. I’m afraid that I often forget, or overlook, or underestimate my … [Read more...]

Opportunity Calls in Jinja Prison

God is at work in the prison’s of Uganda! Here is a story from Luzira Prison in Kampala, Uganda: "Praise be to God! I thank Bible Way Correspondence School because now I know who Jesus is.” “I grew up in my life not knowing Jesus is the way, truth and life because my parents were muslims and not in a clear/right way. But through reading … [Read more...]

Rebel Soldiers, IDP Camp Church Congo And God’s Grace

Could you forgive someone who killed a family member of yours, raped your wife, kidnapped your child and turned him into a rebel soldier? Be hard wouldn’t it? But many people are faced with that dilemma. The picture above comes from a church in an IDP camp outside Goma, DR Congo. These people have fled from the rebel soldiers. They have been … [Read more...]

Bobby Jindal’s Journey from Hinduism to Christianity

I have posted several stories of God's grace from IMFC's ministry in Kampala, Uganda and DR Congo. I think it is time to post a remarkable story of God's grace from here in the US. I found this story from 1993 in America, The National Catholic Weekly. I think you will enjoy reading this. Editors’ note: On October 20 36-year-old Republican Bobby … [Read more...]