Lydia: From Prostitution to Christ

Vincent sent me the story of Lydia along with others from Manna Ministry, but her story has touched my heart uniquely. As I was visiting Manna recipients with Alex, we visited Lydia Longok. She is 26 years old and mother of 5 children. Lydia’s family comes from Moroto in Karamojong, but she was born here in Kampala. Lydia lost all … [Read more...]

Sarah Bewoze: No More Smoking the Witchcraft Pipe-She Got Jesus!

Sarah, a former pipe smoking witchdoctor living in the slum Natete in Kampala, Uganda, has destroyed her pipe! Why? She has given her life to Jesus Christ. Douglas Aliro, Manna Ministry leader, tells her story. It will bless your heart! Man, I love to get these emails. Sarah Bewoze is one of the Manna beneficiaries from the slum Natete. … [Read more...]

Margaret’s Story: Delivered from Moonshining!

Margaret Acan is 32 years old, lives in Kampala, Uganda and has had her life anchored on what the brewery in the slum Nagrur in Kampala could offer her and her family. She has worked this job since 1991. Her name Acan means “hardship” in Acholi which describes her life. She was born during Iddi Amin’s rule in Uganda but God has changed her life … [Read more...]

Celebrating Five Years of Ministry and The People of Kampala, Uganda

Through the past five years, IMFC has worked with many people in the slums, prisons and schools of Kampala, Uganda. Today I simply want to celebrate. Celebrate the opportunity the Lord has given us to join Him in His work. Celebrate His grace and His goodness. Celebrate the people He, the Lord, has given us to work with. The pictures in this … [Read more...]

2009: A Banner Year!

Hard to believe that 2009 is 16 days (counting today) from being history! But it is. As we head into 2010, we are facing economic, political and spiritual storms of enormous magnitude in our country. My hope for my family and IMFC for 2010 and beyond is rooted in the scriptures! Proverbs 10:25 says, “When the storm has swept by, the … [Read more...]

A Pre-Thanksgiving Letter

Three years ago IMFC worked in Natete. Last month Douglas revisited the area to see how some of the former Manna recipients are doing as we are planning on returning to Natete in February 2010. Here is a report that he sent me. I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. It has certainly put me in the Thanksgiving mood. I believe it will do … [Read more...]

Posho! Bland But Life Saving Food!

Ever had a big bowl of posho? Probably not! Posho is one of the staple foods in Kampala and IMFC provides about 33 pounds of it per month to the Manna recipients. The Ugandan's love posho; most of the volunteers don't care for it. Posho has very little if any taste. The beans IMFC provides gives it taste. With beans, it's not bad. As … [Read more...]

Big Challenge At Naguru

Here is a video shot in Naguru, one of the largest slums IMFC has worked in. The people here mainly come from the northern parts of Uganda where they fled the wars with Joseph Kony and the LRA, and the IDP camps. Manna begin work here in late August, 2009. Three months later, three churches have been started! There is a great work to be done … [Read more...]