158 High School Students Participate In Bible Way In ONE High School!

10 high schools have asked the Bible Way staff to start Bible Way Clubs in their schools! One High School already has a Bible Way Club with 158 students completely run by one of the high school students! He goes to the ministry center to get the books, leads the club meetings, distributes the books to the students and grades the test. He does all … [Read more...]

The Kampala “4” Step Strategy to Church Planting

Here is the latest from Kampala. Manna is serving two areas Kawepe and Kifumbira. Work in these two areas begin the first two weeks in February while I was there with a mission team from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alexandria, Alabama. Since then one Church has been started in Kawepe with sixty-five adults in attendance last week. In Kifumbira, one … [Read more...]

See Manna Ministry At Work In Kampala, Uganda

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-3f8HGgVQgWe are very grateful for the great commission partners the Lord sends to us: people and organizations who have the same desire and vision as IMFC. Melody Warford of Global Outreach International is one of these great commission partners. Melody was in Kampala in the summer of 2007 and asked permission to … [Read more...]