I am happy to say that everything is moving very well in the new areas we are working. In these areas there very many people who are needy, but we were able to choose those who are really needy. We focused on sharing the gospel with them and helping them also to share with their families and friends. We are also training them to save their … [Read more...]

One Reason To Expand

Maria is 25 years of age. She has been a single mother since 2013. She looks after seven children. She is the mother of 4 children and 3 are from her siblings who have died. She has done many jobs like hawking tea, hawking 2nd hand clothes and shoes. By the time we found her, she was hawking children’s clothes and life was hard for them. “When … [Read more...]

This Is What Manna Ministry Was Created To Do!

Here is a good story I recieved from Deo about one of the Manna recipients. It is a good way to end the week here and begin my trip back to Uganda. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It brought hope. Nabagereka Sharifa smiled after hearing her names read by Vincent today at the Manna food distribution! She is 23 years old, has a baby … [Read more...]

37 Days. 40 Volunteers. What Was I Thinking!

School's out and my bags are packed. Well almost. Pam and I leave Saturday for thirty-seven fun-filled days (at least that’s what I’m telling Pam) in Uganda. Forty volunteers will travel from across the US to work with us and the IMFC team in Uganda during this time. In fact, we will not have one single day out of these thirty-seven that … [Read more...]

Mary, abanded by her people but not God

Sometimes you encounter people and situations that seem helpless and hopeless. Your not sure what to do or even if anything can be done. So, you pray. I am praying for Mary. We can help a little but it seems so little in the face of such great need. Here is Mary's story that Vincent sent to me. Mary's Story Kyomuhendo Mary is 31 year old, … [Read more...]

A Thief Finds Finds Christ

Today, I witnessed one of the drug user in the area we are working pray to receive Jesus Christ. Fredrick, I and one of his leaders were out in Katwe sharing the gospel. Mainly, we were training this young man how to share the gospel when we met another young man using drugs. He was chewing drugs near the toilet. We stopped and shared with him. It … [Read more...]

Hadijah and Kudura

Naluggwa HadijahShe was a beneficiary of Manna Ministry between August 2014 and January 2015. She’s 35 years of age and has 7 children: 18,16,14,8,6,4,1 respectively. The 4th child is an albino, Kudura. Here is the story Hadijah told me about her life. "I was brought up in the family of Mr. Livingston of Wobulenzi, Kikyusa. In … [Read more...]

An Amazing Two Year Journey From Kampala To Kenya

Show up. Love the people. Trust God and His Gospel as you share Jesus Christ with the people He places before you. Do these three things and amazing things happen from the Lord. The story of how IMFC's work has spread from Kamwokya slum in Kampala to Mbale to Kenya illustrated this. Here is Deo's version of this story. What happens when you … [Read more...]