Soccer Vs. American Football

My Grandkids play Soccer. They have uniforms, good athletic shoes, quality soccer balls and nice grassed fields to play on. Not so with the young people I watched in Kamwokya slum in June. They played on a hard, uneven dirt field with garbage piles on the sidelines. Their goals were made from rocks. Four rocks stacked two on either side of the goal … [Read more...]

Simple Church In Kamwokya Slum

Three young men were from Arua. One was a security guard. Two were students. One was studying to be a lab technician. Three young women were from Gulu. Don’t know anything about them except they are from a part of Uganda affected be the LRA. One young lady was from Kitgum. Kitgum is in the far Northern regions of Uganda. One young lady was … [Read more...]

Amazing Babies

This is Agnes and she is the mother of premature twins born into the harshest of conditions in the slum Kamwokya, in Kampala, Uganda. Click on the photo above to hear her story. These are amazing little guys. Tough. In the US they would be in the Neonatal Unit of a well equipped hospital. But these little guys have survived in a mud hut with rain … [Read more...]

Prossy’s Journey From Pain To Happiness

Vincent just sent me a story on a young lady that took the opportunity Manna Ministry offered her and made the most of it. I think you will enjoy reading this. This evening I was walking around the Kamwokya Street and I happened to meet one of the former Manna recipients. Her name is NASUUNA PROSSY. She is 27 years old and is a single mother … [Read more...]

Food, Cards, Thank You And Much More

Are they grateful? The people who get the food from Manna Ministry and the opportunity and hope it brings to better their lives and the lives of their children. Are they grateful? Do they ever say thank you? Yes. Check out this story. The children of First Baptist Church Aztec, New Mexico, collected money to help purchase the food that we give … [Read more...]

Can We Reach Them Before It’s Too Late?

On Saturday I received two emails from Vincent that refocused me and underscored why we do Manna Ministry at IMFC. One bought joy; the other sadness. One made me lift my heart to the Lord and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for letting me serve you and the people.” The other made me say, “Lord, forgive me for not doing more and getting to Stephen quicker.” … [Read more...]

Floods Hit Slums In Kampala!

I just received this information from Vincent and this is what comes to mind: Life isn’t fair or just! God is, but life isn’t! It’s so hard for these people in the slums! Yesterday and today the whole place was flooded. It rained last night from around 2 A.M. to 11 A.M. Many lost everything as their properties were destroyed. Cups, saucepans, … [Read more...]

How Many Can Live In A Bathroom?

My master bath is three times the size of Jennifer’s apartment that she shares with her 3 small children. In fact, my closet is smaller than her apartment! Her apartment is in reality a very small half bath inside a small four room house in Kamwokya slum in Kampala, Uganda. When Vincent showed me where Jennifer lives, I could not believe it. She … [Read more...]