Eva’s Story

I want to introduce to you Nalumansi Eva. As we were giving out food in Katwe Eva showed up late. She waited till all those selected for Manna Ministry had been called out, then she stood in line with the others who were not selected for the Manna program to share the the leftover bags of food. Eva is 26 years old and mother of three children. She … [Read more...]

Amazing Babies

This is Agnes and she is the mother of premature twins born into the harshest of conditions in the slum Kamwokya, in Kampala, Uganda. Click on the photo above to hear her story. These are amazing little guys. Tough. In the US they would be in the Neonatal Unit of a well equipped hospital. But these little guys have survived in a mud hut with rain … [Read more...]

A Child’s Life In The Slums Of Kampala, Uganda

Uganda has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world. Fifty-two percent of Ugandans are under twenty-five years of age and seventy-eight percent are under 30. And if you walk down one of the streets in a slum of Kampala, you will not doubt these figures. Children, teenagers and young adults are everywhere. The small dirt … [Read more...]

Susan, A True Success Story

Where Were You Five Years Ago? What was your life like? Do you remember? Susan does. Five years ago she was living in the slum Naguru in Kampala, Uganda with her family. She was unable to continue her schooling. She had little hope. Today, Susan is a graduate of University and has a job in an upscale restaurant in Acacia Mall, the first fully … [Read more...]

I had lost all hope!! But…

Vincent sent me this story of Joyce and her husband’s over the weekend. It helped focus the Christmas season for me. Maybe it will do the same for you as you rush all over the place doing a thousand things. Take a minute. Slow down. Read her story. Then get back to work taking care of your 1001 Christmas activities. Muzee, I have this story from … [Read more...]

Food, Cards, Thank You And Much More

Are they grateful? The people who get the food from Manna Ministry and the opportunity and hope it brings to better their lives and the lives of their children. Are they grateful? Do they ever say thank you? Yes. Check out this story. The children of First Baptist Church Aztec, New Mexico, collected money to help purchase the food that we give … [Read more...]

Can We Reach Them Before It’s Too Late?

On Saturday I received two emails from Vincent that refocused me and underscored why we do Manna Ministry at IMFC. One bought joy; the other sadness. One made me lift my heart to the Lord and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for letting me serve you and the people.” The other made me say, “Lord, forgive me for not doing more and getting to Stephen quicker.” … [Read more...]

Aisha’s Story

Hello Sir. This is another story of one of our Manna recipients. Her name is Aisha Namutebi. Her story is somehow related to Immaculate’s - very sad and painful. Like Immaculate, she was also denied  by her own mother when her marriage failed. Her own mother threw her out of the house together with her four children; she was tortured by her husband … [Read more...]