Easter Greetings From Kampala

As we exhaust the six months program period in this location, we are already hearing from the beneficiaries of how Manna has changed their lives. Here is a word of testimony and happy Easter wishes from these precious people here in Katanga. –Douglas Here is Nasamba Florence, a 29-year-old mother of 4 children. Happy Easter! Happy Easter! … [Read more...]

Check Out Deo’s New House!

Though the gifts of volunteers Deo has a new house for him and his family! Deo is one of our church planters and has a great heart for the Lord. We join Deo and the rest of the team in giving thanks those whose hearts God touched to provide for this house. (And, by the way, Benon now has a house under construction!) Check out the outside of … [Read more...]

Sabina Zone Update: Growing Passion For Jesus Among Manna Beneficiaries

I have posted several videos and interviews from the opening food distribution for Manna Ministry in August in Sabina Zone. Well, over three months have passed. How is this work going? Here is an update from Douglas who heads up Manna Ministry. Continue to pray for this work. At the food distribution that took place in Sebina program area this … [Read more...]

Check Out This Video From Katlin

Katlin visited Kampala three years ago as a part of a volunteer team. He just posted this video that captures his memories. I really enjoyed viewing this and thought you might like to as well. Check it out. … [Read more...]

Benon, Butabika and An Open Door

Benon, is one of our church planters and is doing a great job. He is assigned to the Butabika zone for this six months of Manna Ministry. Pray for Benon as he works to build up the kingdom. He has a true heart for the Lord and a BIG job. This very month I made 4-5 trips every week to Butabika parish. This has been made possible by the … [Read more...]

Manna Ministry Begins Year 4 In Sabina

Manna is now into its 4th year! Hard to believe that we have been doing this for three full years, but we have. I sat down with Douglas while I was in Kampala to look at what has happened over the past three years, and here is what has happened: Manna has been in 10 different locations. 15 churches and 3 Sunday Celebration Services  are in … [Read more...]

The Kampala “4” Step Strategy to Church Planting

Here is the latest from Kampala. Manna is serving two areas Kawepe and Kifumbira. Work in these two areas begin the first two weeks in February while I was there with a mission team from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Alexandria, Alabama. Since then one Church has been started in Kawepe with sixty-five adults in attendance last week. In Kifumbira, one … [Read more...]

See Manna Ministry At Work In Kampala, Uganda

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-3f8HGgVQgWe are very grateful for the great commission partners the Lord sends to us: people and organizations who have the same desire and vision as IMFC. Melody Warford of Global Outreach International is one of these great commission partners. Melody was in Kampala in the summer of 2007 and asked permission to … [Read more...]