No Longer A Thief

I meet a young when I was Kampala in October that really challenged me. His name is Faisal. I have wanted to share his story but for some reason have not until now. Faisal is a testimony to the grace of God and I hope that after reading his story you will join me in praying for him. Faisal strips me of all my excuses! I’m not old enough. I’m … [Read more...]

Freeing Prisoners

Some of you have been asking me, “Are you still working in the prisons?” Absolutely! We are actively engaging 10 prisons across Uganda and at least 10 more are open to or seeking Bible Way to come to them. This week Deo is visiting the prisons in Soroti and Kibuku. Francis will be visiting Luzira and Kasangati Prison. Benon and Francis are … [Read more...]

Joseph Tells Kennedy’s Story From Nakasongola Prison

Joseph leads the IMFC team in Kampala. He handles all the IMFC business needs in Uganda and personally directs the Prison Ministry. Hello Jimmy. This is Kennedy’s story of how he came to know the Lord. Kennedy is an inmate in Nakasongola Prison. "My name is Kennedy Kaunda Chris. I'm 28 years old. I was born in a non-christian family … [Read more...]

Far Beyond Our Expectations!

On Sunday, August 15, Douglas and I traveled about two and a half hours north of Kampala to a district of Nakasongola where a prison facility housing about 450 inmates is located. Why? 47 inmates graduated with ‘Diploma’ Certificates from Bible Way! This means they successfully completed the ten courses we provide plus Spiritual Warfare: Who is … [Read more...]

God Makes A Way for Bible Way Luganda Speakers in Nakasongola Prison

Here is an email I received from Joseph Esiana this week who leads IMFC’s growing work in the prisons of Uganda. God is not limited by anything! Not our inability, inadequacy, or insufficiency! Nakasongola Prison has had an incredible story about how God makes a way where seems to be no way. Bible Way students studying the Luganda … [Read more...]

Victory Behind Bars In Masindi Prison

On the way to Murchinson Falls Game Park the team stopped at Masindi Prison. A former prisoner in Luzira Prison in Kampala and Bible Way student, Kenneth, moved to Masindi in the summer and began to minister to men and women there. Kenneth receives no salary or benefits for his work. It is truly a work of love, and how God has blessed! Over 150 … [Read more...]

63 Become Followers of Jesus Christ in Nakasongola Prison!

The Masindi story is being replicated in Nakasongola Prison. Last month, August 16, Douglas and Joseph visited the Prison in Nakasongola. They shared the gospel and the vision for the Prison ministry for the area. Ninety inmates prayed to receive Christ and were immediately enrolled to begin discipleship in the first course ‘Who is Jesus?’ The … [Read more...]

40 Inmates Graduate to Book 4, The Gospel of Mark Part I, in Masindi Prison!

“But grow in grace, and [in] the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him [be] glory both now and for ever. Amen.” 2 Peter 3: 18 God, Bible Way, Kenneth and the buses continue to bear great fruit for the Kingdom in Masindi, Uganda. This week Kenneth turned in 40 exams of inmates that had completed three Bible courses of the Bible … [Read more...]