Geoffrey’s Story of God’s Grace

This is an amazing story of a young man by the name of Geoffrey Sebwami who had been thrown into the prison in Luzira (Kampala Remand) due to purchasing stolen property. He met the Lord while in the prison. This is his story - in his own words. "My name is Geoffrey Sebwami. I’m married to one wife and have 4 children. I was thrown into the prison … [Read more...]

God, Kenneth, Buses And Bible Way – A Winning Combination!

Just received a note from Joseph on the progress of the work in Masindi about four hours north/northwest of Kampala. Check out this story on Kenneth to see how this work was started and how. It is a true work of the Lord. Here is an article on my trip to Masindi in July. Check it out as well. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul tells Timothy, “And the things … [Read more...]

From Kampala To Masindi

Masindi is about 200 kilometers north of Kampala. I have been through there many times going to Murchison Falls Game Park. It is a long drive. Douglas and Joseph picked up Pam and me at 5:30 AM. We picked up Benon at 6:00 and was going to pick up Deo, but he was late and did not make the trip. Leaving so early we avoided the traffic jams that … [Read more...]

Victory in Luzira Prison

During my stay in Kampala, Uganda, I had the opportunity to visit Luzira Prison with Douglas and Joseph. This is the third time that I have been to Luzira prison. Luzira was the first prison that Bibe Way was allowed to work in and it is the biggest. It actually has several wards, or separate prisons within the one main prison: Remand, Murchison … [Read more...]

Opening Day Kitala Prison, Entebbe

Joseph, Douglas and I left Kampala at 8:00 AM to reach Kitala Prison by 9:00AM. Kitala Prison is located just outside Entebbe. It is a high security prison surrounded by a five strand barb-wire fence. About 100 men are imprisoned in Kitala. No women are here, except the LC or warden and gate keeper who are women. When we arrived several men … [Read more...]

First Stop: Kasangati Prison

First ministry stop on this trip is Kasangati Prison. I’ve been here twice before. The living conditions here are pretty bad. Many in the US would probably call this torture. I’m sure the prisoners that our government is accused of torturing have it much, much better than the prisoners here. There were not enough guards for the men prisoners to … [Read more...]

Former Prisoner Opens New Work For Christ In Masindi Prison!

Bible Way Update from Douglas in Kampala, Uganda. We are excited to report to you all that Bible way has a new work started in Masindi district within the district prison facility. This district is in mid-west Uganda …very close to Murchison falls game pack. This new work got started when one of the ex-prisoners and Bible way student, … [Read more...]

Incredible Stories of God’s Grace

Grace Stories From DR Congo Here are a few remarkable “Grace stories” from the work in March that I thought you might enjoy reading. I love these! Kitchanga team: Fantone,Kazungu.  I was born in a pagan  and very poor family. When  I was 14(in 1998), soldiers of RCD (rebel movement) took me for helping them to take water and brought me in … [Read more...]