Lydia: From Prostitution to Christ

Vincent sent me the story of Lydia along with others from Manna Ministry, but her story has touched my heart uniquely. As I was visiting Manna recipients with Alex, we visited Lydia Longok. She is 26 years old and mother of 5 children. Lydia’s family comes from Moroto in Karamojong, but she was born here in Kampala. Lydia lost all … [Read more...]

Impacting Women’s Lives In The Slums of Kampala And Beyond

Maama Kits and re-usable sanitary pads for women, two new ministries not on our radar last December that are working alongside Manna Ministry to help the people in the slums of Kampala. Here is a quick update from Vincent who leads our work in Kampala. Maama Kits We are very glad and thankful to God and to the people who support the Maama Kit … [Read more...]

Amazing Babies

This is Agnes and she is the mother of premature twins born into the harshest of conditions in the slum Kamwokya, in Kampala, Uganda. Click on the photo above to hear her story. These are amazing little guys. Tough. In the US they would be in the Neonatal Unit of a well equipped hospital. But these little guys have survived in a mud hut with rain … [Read more...]

Leaving Again. Trip 2. 2012 Off To Fast Start!

Rested. Bags are re-packed. Tickets are printed and in hand. Ready to go again. Well, almost. But almost or not, it’s time to go. I leave out Saturday morning with a team of eight from Alabama, Georgia and Virginia to return to Uganda. I’m looking forward to getting back and seeing the guys and building on the work of the first two groups. But I … [Read more...]

The Poor Have The Gospel Preached To Them!

Jimmy, Allow me to let you know that, last Thursday I worked with Vincent and we were able to plant and schedule 4 house churches to start in the slum Angola of Kampala. We visited several manna recipients of food and 1 girl gave her life to Christ as a result of our ministry in Angola! In the Bwaise 3 area slum of Kampala where I am working, … [Read more...]

Single Mother and Grandmother Finds Hope Through Manna

Here is Amina Nabosa of Bwaise slum in Kampala,Uganda, a single mother,who has done all kinds of jobs in order to make ends meet. She has 6 children and 2 grandchildren. Her current child is only a few months older than of the youngest grandchild. Her current rent is 30,000 shillings. She sells sambusas for a living now and has quit all other jobs. … [Read more...]

Manna Ministry Enters Kimombasa

The first food distribution at Kimombasa in Kampala, Uganda was Friday, Feb. 4, and it went very well! Here is Douglas' report. All kinds of people showed up today at Kimombasa! There were people who did not want us to interview them. They abused us and chased us away, but today they came back pleading to be interviewed anytime and … [Read more...]

Statistics Only Tell “Part” Of The Story!

2010 has been a tremendous year. Look at these stats: More than 4800 have enrolled in Bible Way and studied the Who Is Jesus Book. 178 people have been baptized. 34 churches planted! But stats only tell part of the story. They do not tell how God has changed the lives of people spiritually and physically. Here are two stories of two people that … [Read more...]