“…there is a big church just behind my house but they have had nothing to do with me…” –Mbala George This quote is from an email I received from Douglas, who leads IMFC’s Manna Ministry. Here is an expanded portion of his email: During follow-up visit into the home of one of the Manna beneficiary called Mbala George, we had an … [Read more...]

Witch Doctors Admit To Performing Human Sacrifices In Uganda

Found this story in the Telegraph.co.uk from January 7, 2010 on witch doctors in Kampala. From my experience in Kampala, I know it is true. Human sacrifices have been made by witch doctors in the slums where we are working. I have seen little children with pierced ears and earrings so they would be imperfect and not become a target of the witch … [Read more...]

Underway At Nateete

The first food distribution went very well. No rain. No flooding. This is truly a blessing because it has been raining since and the entire place has been under. We could have never given out the food under these circumstances. So, we pray the Lord give good weather next month as well. Three churches have also been started in Nateete. Two were … [Read more...]

A Pre-Thanksgiving Letter

Three years ago IMFC worked in Natete. Last month Douglas revisited the area to see how some of the former Manna recipients are doing as we are planning on returning to Natete in February 2010. Here is a report that he sent me. I thought you might enjoy reading it as well. It has certainly put me in the Thanksgiving mood. I believe it will do … [Read more...]

Food Is Everywhere! But Hunger And Malnutrition Abound!

Come and take a walk with Deo and me through Naguru market. Food is everywhere! But so is malnutrition and hunger. Why? People have little money to buy the food. Many do well to get one meal a day. Many go without for days. I will never forget one lady who told me her goal for each day was to get one good meal a day. If she received a meal, … [Read more...]

The Opportunity In Mulago

When I was in Kampala last month with a team of volunteers, we spent a few days in the slum, Mulago. The needs here are the same as in every slum we have worked in, great and many! Take a look at this short video to hear of the needs and of the opportunities that are before IMFC in Mulago. httpvhd://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDV8sGGBY28 In … [Read more...]

Posho! Bland But Life Saving Food!

Ever had a big bowl of posho? Probably not! Posho is one of the staple foods in Kampala and IMFC provides about 33 pounds of it per month to the Manna recipients. The Ugandan's love posho; most of the volunteers don't care for it. Posho has very little if any taste. The beans IMFC provides gives it taste. With beans, it's not bad. As … [Read more...]

Meet Margret of Mulago Slum

On my recent trip to Kampala, I had the opportunity to meet Margret who lives in the slum of Mulago. Margret is currently one of the people IMFC is helping through Manna Ministry. She is a precious lady with two children and God really touched my life in the thirty minutes or so I visited with her in her home. I thought you might like to meet her … [Read more...]