Rain, Rain, Rain

In Uganda it is either raining or it is dry. Now it is raining and the IMFC Manna Ministry Team must flex and find ways to do their work. Here is an brief update from Vincent that describes how this is happening. The work is moving well except for the rain. Here we are having too much rain. People are loosing their properties. Houses are falling … [Read more...]

No End To Poverty

  There seems to be no end to the need! If you had all the money in the world, I do not believe you could eradicate the problem. Jesus said the poor would always be with us, and I have seen the reality of that firsthand. First, seeing poverty in the slums in the Philippines, then in the slums of India, then in many African countries, … [Read more...]

Floods Hit Slums In Kampala!

I just received this information from Vincent and this is what comes to mind: Life isn’t fair or just! God is, but life isn’t! It’s so hard for these people in the slums! Yesterday and today the whole place was flooded. It rained last night from around 2 A.M. to 11 A.M. Many lost everything as their properties were destroyed. Cups, saucepans, … [Read more...]

A Growing Problem

Food shortage equals MORE hungry people. That’s the dire prediction for Uganda. Too many people. Not enough food. What’s creating this dilemma? Drought and Disease. Overpopulation. Here are some excerpts from the Daily Monitor that highlight the problem. Overpopulation Food security in Uganda is likely to worsen in the next 40 years as … [Read more...]

Free Food!

God provides "free food" for the people in the slums of Kampala! Now, for those of us in the US this is not a plate of food we would want nor eat unless we were desperately hungry. But it is heaven sent for the people we work with. Check out this story from Douglas. Come the period November, December and April every year there is free food … [Read more...]

Thirteen And Living With AIDS!

AIDS/HIV is one of the painful realities that Manna Ministries sees on a daily basis in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. This is a pandemic disease that is still claiming thousand of lives, and the highest numbers of lost lives come from amongst the poor-desperate slum communities. It is usual to see adults suffering with HIV/AIDS all over the … [Read more...]

Margaret’s Story: Delivered from Moonshining!

Margaret Acan is 32 years old, lives in Kampala, Uganda and has had her life anchored on what the brewery in the slum Nagrur in Kampala could offer her and her family. She has worked this job since 1991. Her name Acan means “hardship” in Acholi which describes her life. She was born during Iddi Amin’s rule in Uganda but God has changed her life … [Read more...]

Celebrating Five Years of Ministry and The People of Kampala, Uganda

Through the past five years, IMFC has worked with many people in the slums, prisons and schools of Kampala, Uganda. Today I simply want to celebrate. Celebrate the opportunity the Lord has given us to join Him in His work. Celebrate His grace and His goodness. Celebrate the people He, the Lord, has given us to work with. The pictures in this … [Read more...]