The Acts 11:19 Dream of Disciple making Is Beginning

Baptism in Mpondwe

Baptism in Mpondwe

God continues to bless the work. Manna, Bible Way, Prison Ministry, Sudanese Refugee Ministry and the Discipleship Making Movement (our Acts1119 Project) are all expanding. Here’s a note I received from Deo this week about the Acts1119 Project that describes how this is happening in Northern Uganda and Western Kenya. By the way, if you haven’t read Acts 11:19ff, take a few minutes and do so. Our vision at IMFC is to raise up a host of passionate people for Jesus Christ who will run with His message and the Hand of the Lord (His Holy Spirit). I pray for and believe that I am seeing the beginning of this movement!

Greetings from Uganda! The month of May has been very full with travels, visiting, encouraging and training leaders on how to expand and reach more people, tribes and nations for Christ! I started with Eastern Uganda in Mbale and Sironko. All the leaders of this region converged and had the leadership training, 59 leaders showed up! Then we travelled to Karamoja Region in Napak and Nakapiripirit where 35 leaders showed up for the leadership training! We then travelled to Moroto and 21 leaders showed up for leadership training there!

Eastern Uganda with Micheal, Samuel and Cornelius have enabled IMFC to reach Kenya. Work is happening in and around the cities of Bungoma, Nairobi, Kisumu, Nakuru, and Pokoti. Cornelius in Moroto is a man who goes on his bicycle to Kenya to share and train leaders. He spends two days riding his bicycle to Kenya and 2 days riding back to Uganda! He is committed to the ministry of making disciples!

IMFC has Amos and the team in the West Nile region of Uganda reaching out to the whole community of Arua, Nebbi, Southern Sudan and Terego! They are really catching fire.

Here are the baptism numbers after the U-Turn where IMFC no longer facilitates the baptisms:

  • 54 baptisms on the 30th of April in Bungoma.
  • 55 Baptisms in Bungoma on 26th May.
  • 10 baptisms in Nairobi and 150 baptisms in Kisumu on 31st May!
  • 120 Baptisms in Kabong with Isaac on 30th April.
  • 14 baptisms with Rogers on 29th May.
  • 17 baptisms with Vincent in Katwe on 28th May.
  • 20 Baptisms with Samuel on 2nd May.
  • 40 baptisms with Robine in Bungoma on 27th April.
  • 40 Baptisms with Reuben in Bungoma on 26th April.
  • 17 Baptisms with Mzungu in Sironko on 13th April.
  • 26 Baptisms in Mbale on 11th April.
  • 11 Baptisms in Bulambuli on 11th April
  • 15 Baptisms in Bukwo and 38 Baptisms in Napak on 10th April.

This is 439 baptisms since we stopped facilitating baptism. The people have found ways to provide for themselves.

All this success has come to be realized because of your prayers, showing up, loving these and trusting God to use you and the IMFC team! I am very thankful for all the sacrifices you make towards IMFC and the ministry of making disciples! Pray for us again as we get ready for the next two months of Gospel explosion in Uganda as volunteers from the US come to work with us! This reminds me of the Apostle Paul where he said, “I am not ashamed of the gospel because it’s the power of God unto salvation!”

Yours in HIS service, Deo.

Have a great summer and I would love to have you come and work alongside us in Uganda. I have groups scheduled for October of this year and throughout next year (2017). Remember, follow me on Facebook or Instagram.


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