The Maroons Netball Team

Over the past ten years we have given out more than 1,150,000 pounds of beans, rice and posho, more than 3,170 gallons of cooking oil, and more than 150,000 discipleship books! in these ten years more than 20,000 people have been nourished from our food and more than 75,000 people have benefited spiritually from the information in the Bible Way books. But what is it that places us on the nightly news before over three million viewers in Uganda and lands us in the sports section of the Daily Vision newspaper? Netball!

I had never heard of Netball until we sponsored the Maroons Netball team in Luzira Prison. The Maroons are the junior Netball team. The members of the team are prison officers or children of prison officers. Their ages range from fourteen to the upper twenties. They play other prison teams and each one has dreams of advancing to the senior team and eventually the Uganda National Netball team and play in the World Cup. This year, nine of the eleven members of the National Netball team come from the senior team. They will be playing in the World Cup Championship in August in Australia. If you want to find out more on Netball, search for it online. it is played by millions around the world.

I traveled to the Prison Headquarters in downtown Kampala two weeks ago to officially present the balls, shoes, jerseys, jackets, first aid kit and other stuff to the prison officials who grant us permission to work in the prisons each year. Without their stamp of approval Bible Way could not minister to the more than 10,000 inmates who work in our discipleship books! I had no idea this simple act of working with Robert (the officer in charge of the sports department in the Uganda prison system and a good friend who loves the Lord) in Luzira Prison would garner us such attention across Uganda and elicit the gratitude of the people who are gatekeepers to so many people God loves and wants to reach with his message of grace through Jesus Christ.

Thanks for your prayers and support. And if you can come to Uganda, we may take in a Netball game. Who knows. If it will open the hearts of government officials to the work of Bible Way, we will go many games. God bless. Have a great week.


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