The Prodigal Son Returns

His dad sat before us and shared how he had been worried about his son, his first born son who had left home to live in Lira then Kampala. He was concerned that he had fallen in with the wrong crowd and was in a bad way. Now, he was excited to have him home and to meet the people that Ben had said helped him. Being a Father myself, I could relate to everything this man was saying. I heard his heart. 

(In the photo, Ben’s Dad is the first one on the left in the suit. Ben is the second on the left. He looks like his Dad.)

I first met Ben in January. We were working in Kyebando with Justus and his leaders and Ben was there. He was translating and sharing the Gospel with the volunteers from the US. When I asked for one of the translators to show the volunteers how we share the Gospel using our hand, Ben stepped forward and nailed it. He impressed me. He was present the next week for a training session I held for Justus and his men. Again, you could see the intelligence in his eyes and he took everything in. I learned that one of Justus’ men, Peter, had shared the Gospel with him and he had prayed to receive Christ, was baptized and enrolled into Bible Way. His life changed and he became passionate about sharing Christ. Together, with Peter, he begin working in a slum called Naguru, a slum we had worked in more than five years ago. People prayed to receive Christ, were enrolled into Bible Way and baptized. Ben was doing a great job, but he was struggling to live. He had nothing. His father found out and sent him some money to come home. Ben returned home to his village in Dokolo near Lira in February and now works the ground with his Father to raise food for the family. His father is pleased to have his son home and see the spiritual change in his life. 

Ben is home. His Dad is a pastor and Ben will probably be working with him. He has shared the Gospel with people in Dokolo town and his village and there are some people he says needs to be baptized. His passion for the Gospel is exciting. 

We have trained Ben and I would love to continue working with Ben and have him a part of our team. He is smart and gifted, but at this time, he needs to be with his Dad. Our vision and strategy for church planting is very different from Ben’s Dad and he is now living so far from us in Kampala that we can’t give him the support he needs. I hate to walk away from Ben but I know it is best for him and the Kingdom God. This is not the ending I had anticipated or hoped for when we started this trip, but I rejoice and am proud to be apart of God’s plan in getting the prodigal son home. I rejoice with his earthly father and leave him in his care. May the blessing of Almighty God be on him and I pray he continue to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

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