They Ran With The Message

Who they were I don’t know. I don’t know their names, occupations or backgrounds. All I know is that they were followers of Jesus who were persecuted and suffering for their faith in him and were religious refugees. I know they had no money, no jobs, no supporting agencies, no Bibles, no discipleship books, no choirs, no Sunday School, no religious programming and no church buildings. They were not ordained, educated, trained, professional clergy. They were nobodies with nothing except a message concerning Jesus Christ that had changed their lives and the hand of God upon their lives. These people ran with this message about Jesus Christ and the Lord started a movement of disciple making that spread from Jerusalem to Antioch. A movement that created so much excitement and buzz that the church in Jerusalem heard about it and had to send Barnabus to check out.

Their story in Acts 11:19 and the following verses has become our vision at IMFC. We want to see this kind of movement today. A movement started by unknown, uneducated, poor, common people who have been transformed through the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, who are passionate about Christ and His kingdom and who have the hand of God on their lives. A movement of disciple making that would sweep from Kampala through Uganda and into Kenya, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Central Africa, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania and beyond. A movement that we at IMFC could not contain, control, count or claim. A movement that we pray we are seeing the beginnings of right now.

These men and women were part of the Mbale training. They are running.

These men and women were part of the Mbale training. They are running.

In August, after celebrating 10 years of Manna Ministry in Kampala, we traveled. We traveled from Kampala to Bungoma, Kenya, then back to Mbale, Kumi, Soroti, Napak and Arua. We met with more than 135 men and women who had been transformed by the Gospel and are actively sharing this message of Christ with others. We shared the vision of a disciple making movement from Acts 11. We taught them four stages of disciple making. We trained them how to share the Gospel, how to help people grow from being Spiritual babies in Christ to become men and women of God, how to form house churches and how to turn followers of Jesus into disciple makers. These are largely uneducated, poor people that you will never hear about. The world will never know that they existed. But they are running with what they know and God is with them. Here are just a few of the reports Deo is receiving from them.

Mbale with Jimmy Wakolo: 10 men being trained for leadership! 45 are ready for Baptism! This is Musoto village in Mbale!

Mbale with Nakoko: 15 leaders , 40 house churches and 15 candidates for Baptism!

Mbale with Samuel: 35 men walking and sharing with him! 40 candidates for Baptism!

Nakapiripirit with Joseph Magezi: 5 house churches and 20 people for Baptism!

Sironko with Noah Mzungu: 78 ready for Baptism and 45 men in leadership training! They are walking with Noah Mzungu to share the gospel! 130 house churches in Sironko!

Kisumu with Owino: He is in Kisumu sharing the gospel and training other men the vision! Pray for him!

Soroti with David: He is working with the Soroti men and getting ready for Baptism!

Kapchorwa with Aron: 15 men under training and 25 people ready for Baptism!

Kweni with Patrick Mongusho at the border of Kenya: 32 men are walking with Patrick and 42 new believers are ready for Baptism!

Karamoja with Robert: Getting ready for another Baptism and walking with men sharing the message! Over 100 people have registered for Baptism!

Arua with Maxwell: He is in Koboko to attend the Baptism of 22 new believers and he will be training men there! He followed one of the men he has being working with in Arua to Koboko which is 40 kilometers from Arua! Pray for them!

Moroto with Conelius: 32 were Baptised last week in Moroto town by Cornelius. Now 28 more are ready for Baptism! He has 8 more men in training!

Nebbi with Jimmy: Jimmy was in the training in Mbale in August and is now heading there to kick start the sharing of the message! Pray for him!

Kenya with Robine: 30 men have been led to Christ! All these are ready for Baptism! This week in Bungoma 60 people have been led to Christ. 20 have been lead to Christ in Nairobi and now 80 have registered for Baptism!

Bulambuli with Fred Mugona: After the training, he has led 30 men to Christ! 10 House churches have been planted in the district!

Training in Napak in Karamoja

Training in Napak in Karamoja

Pray for these people. They love the Lord. They are doing His work even though many of them have nothing. Pray that the Lord start a movement through them. A movement that could not be contained, controlled, counted or claimed. And pray for me and the IMFC team in Uganda. Pray that the Lord grant us wisdom to not offer solutions to today’s problems that create the problems in the future that could derail the movement.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Have a great day and Labor Day weekend.


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