Packing Tips – What Should I Take?

One of the nice things in traveling to Kampala is that if you forget to pack something you need, chances are very good you can find it in Kampala. There are many wonderful stores with goods from all over the world. Here are some of the items that Pam and I have on our packing list. Hopefully this will help you as you pack for Kampala.

Travel Items
Passport, airline tickets, certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination, passport holder, neck pillow, copies of passport in each piece of luggage, money, adaptor plug for Africa, voltage converter

Personal Items
Bible, journal, notebook, reading material, wash cloths, pillow, hair drier, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, bug repellant with deet, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, flashlight, umbrella, backpack, shampoo, soap, snacks

Medicines and Hygiene Items
Required medicines, malaria medicine, Tylenol, anti-biotic cream, something for traveler’s diarrhea, something for constipation, anti-bacterial hand cleaner, small first aid kit, Kleenex

Men’s Clothing
Blue jeans, kakis, polo shirts, t-shirts, socks, good walking shoes, lightweight jacket, hat, shorts*, slippers/flip flops, swimsuit**

Women’s Clothing
Long dresses/skirts, shirts with sleeves, good walking shoes, socks, blue jeans*, shorts*, capris*, slippers/flip flops, swimsuit**

*May be worn around the lodge and on sightseeing trip or safari
**There is a pool at the Para Lodge in the game park