While In Kampala, Some Dos and Don’ts

Here are some tips that will keep you out of trouble and insure that you have enjoyable trip to Kampala.

Don’t give money to people on the streets
Don’t pull out and flash a wad of money in public
Don’t use credit cards in Kampala (you can use a debit card at ATM at bank)
Don’t wear gold jewelry, necklaces, gold or diamond earrings, expensive watches
Don’t make promises you cannot keep
Don’t use tobacco or alcohol products
Don’t drink the tap water
Don’t use the tap water to brush your teeth
Don’t use ice in your drinks
Don’t eat salads or uncooked vegetables
Don’t eat fruit you cannot peel
Don’t be afraid to eat the food that is prepared correctly
Don’t go wandering off by yourself
Don’t get upset and critical when things do not happen as planned
Don’t forget to take your malaria medicine
Don’t expect Africa and Africans to be America and Americans
Don’t expect things to happen on time
Don’t have a condescending attitude toward the Ugandan people or culture

Do keep your passport and money secure and close to you or safely kept at the lodge at all times
Do check with the IMFC team before giving out any candy or toys to children
Do give your email address to those who ask and from whom you do not mind receiving email from
Do adopt a team mindset and work as a team
Do use sunscreen when going outside
Do drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
Do use insect repellant with deet to ward off mosquitoes and other insects
Do realize that you represent Jesus Christ and IMFC so behave accordingly
Do feel free to take many photos but be courteous and polite by asking to take personal photos of people
Do wash and scrub your hands with soap and water before eating
Do keep toilet tissue or Kleenex with you when away from the guesthouse
Do take one hundred dollar bills that are 2003 or later and in good condition to get the best exchange rate
Do check with the IMFC team about anyone the Lord may have placed on your heart to bless and help before committing yourself
Do demonstrate respect for the people, culture and heritage of Uganda