Who Is IMFC?

Founded in late 2004, International Missionaries For Christ (IMFC) is a non-denominational Christian organization existing to help the poor, neglected and displaced people of Africa.

Our Call is from Jesus Christ. (John 20:21, “As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.”) God came near. He entered our world. He touched the sinful, sick, religious, irreligious, outcast, poor, dirty, young, old. No one was beyond his touch. He came as light into darkness. This, too, is our call. We are to do what He did. We are to reflect His light into the darkness around. We cannot stay in our own little world. We must leave our comfortable homes and go to the sick, needy, dirty and touch them. No one is to be exempt. We are to go to them. Engage them in their world. Love them. It is our responsibility. At IMFC, this is our call.

Our Passion is to serve Jesus Christ by loving and caring for the least of these (Matthew 25:40). The poor, neglected and displaced are dear to the heart of God. Even a casual reading of the scriptures reveal this. Thus we demonstrate our love for God by loving those He loves. We worship Him when we give ourselves to care for the needs of the poor. At IMFC, we are committed to investing in people.

Our Mission is to make disciples by facilitating church planting movements through meeting physical and spiritual needs (Matthew 9:35-38). Our task is simple: Make disciples, followers of Jesus. All efforts lead to this. Humanitarian efforts. Evangelism. Everything. The bottom line is to make disciples.

At IMFC we employee a strategy called Church Planting Movement. By definition,

“A Church Planting Movement is a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment.” – David Garrison, Church Planting Movements: How God Is Redeeming A Lost World.

We do not build church structures or subsidize pastor salaries. We seek to establish indigenous churches that can stand in its culture without the aid of outside sources.

Our Vision is see the work that God has started in Kampala, Uganda spread throughout Africa. It can be done.