Why Kenya?

Photo taking at the Equator in Kenya

Photo taking at the Equator in Kenya

In January, IMFC officially launched its work in Kenya by starting the process of becoming registered as an NGO with the Kenyan government. Work has been going on for just over a year in the capital city of Nairobi and for between two and three years in the Western side of Kenya.

How did this work in Kenya begin?
It begin though Kenyans who have had their lives changed by Jesus Christ after hearing a simple message from the Bible.

What did they hear that changed their lives?
They heard the story of Jesus and Nicodemus from John 3 and wanted to be born again.

How did they hear this message?
They heard this message as they visited families and friends or conducted business in Uganda from Ugandans who having heard this message themselves, accepted it, were changed (born again) through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ because of it and are now sharing this message passionately with people they meet.

What happened when they heard this message?
God changed their lives and they returned home to Kenya to tell their family and friends this message that changed them.

What has been the results?
Many Kenyans have prayed to Jesus Christ asking Him to become the Lord and Savior of their lives. Literally, thousands of Kenyans have enrolled into the Bible Way courses (the initial printing of the book Who Is Jesus in Kenya is 5,000 copies alone to meet the demand). Most of these are now studying the Bible together in small house churches using the S.O.T. method.

Why would IMFC now seek to become an NGO in Kenya?
Because of the growth of the movement, local Kenyan leaders have noticed and challenged the people for proof of authority to share the Gospel, give out discipleship books and start house churches in Kenya. They have been asking them who they are, what church are they from and what organization supports them. There is a real fear of people meeting in small groups in Kenya given the presence of terrorism in Kenya and the world. So, the disciples in Kenya asked us for help.

How long will this work continue?
This will continue as long as the Kenyans believe in it and work it passionately. This is their work. Kenya is their nation. Africa is their continent. This work begin in their hearts and to continue it must remain in their hearts passionately.

What do I want you to do?
I want you to pray for IMFC Kenya. Pray for the leaders in Kenya who are sharing the Gospel, enrolling people into the Bible Way materials and starting house churches. Pray that the Lord will keep them growing in their own faith and that they will be passionate to continue sharing His message. Pray that the Gospel will spread across Kenya and reach beyond its borders in Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. Pray that the Lord will give us wisdom as we move forward in this work so we will not make too many mistakes and pray that we learn from the ones we do make. Pray for the resources and people needed to see this work reach its full potential. Pray that the Lord would send the partners that would help us achieve this vision. Then come.

Thanks for your prayers as we begin 2017 at IMFC. The first three months have been great for the work of IMFC in both Uganda and Kenya. Three very good groups of volunteers helped us get the year underway in Uganda. Many of you followed me on Facebook or Instagram and know what happened. Thanks for following. The doors are open in many places and it is exciting to see what is on the other side. The opportunities are great now. It is an exciting time to be serving the Lord Jesus Christ. Again, thanks for you prayers, gifts and partnership. Have a great weekend. God bless.


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