You Could Do This In 2017

volunteers walk the streets of Mpondwe. You could do this in 2017

Volunteers walk the streets of Mpondwe. You could do this in 2017

Just a quick note to thank you for your prayers and support this summer during June and July. Four volunteer teams from three different states in the US, Alabama, Georgia and New Mexico, came to work with us. They arrived in Uganda safely, worked without any unforeseen negative incidences and returned home with no complication. God blessed and we had a great time sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving food through Manna Ministry in Kampala and Arua, giving Maama Kits to almost 200 very pregnant women, giving Bible Way books and Bibles to new believers and leaders, giving water tanks and water pumps to two prisons, helping some of the very poor and needy to buy medicine, go to the medical clinic or have life changing surgery, and teaching women (and men) how to make reusable menstrual pads in the slums of Kampala and Kasangati Prison. It was a full two months and I am grateful for each volunteer, the IMFC team in Uganda and every opportunity the Lord Jesus Christ gave us to participate in His work.

The one thing I regret not being able do with the volunteers is a baptism service. The teams always enjoy participating and seeing the people celebrate their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism at Lake Victoria or river bank somewhere, but when IMFC stopped facilitating baptisms we had to let the people go for baptism when they could afford it. I know that this new system is much better in that it doesn’t create dependency and that it gives us the opportunity to baptize many more people through the years ahead, but it does have it drawbacks.

If you would like to be a part of a mission team next year or you have a group that would like to come, please email, call or message me. Again, thanks for your prayers and support.


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